category ICT for SMEs description

Module 1 “Basic business skills for the digital era” focuses on the learner’s full understanding of the concept of the Interactive marketing & electronic services in the context of modern businesses area. Through the analysis of the following subjects, the potential business-oriented reader, will be able to focus on techniques for effective presentations using Powerpoint and to learn the concepts of the Digital Marketing. The Customer Relationship Management will be introduced to the reader in order to understand the modern 360-view of customer needs. Moreover, the development of any business attempts in the digital era must include basic knowledge topics about the Information Security science and the Data Protection Regulation.

The Module 1 “Basic business skills for the digital era”, includes the following lessons:

  • Creating effective presentations using Powerpoint
  • Digital and Mobile marketing
  • Electronic Customer Relationship Management (eCRM) and Sales
  • Basic Information Security Topics
  • Guide to GDPR Compliance

This module covers technologies for building the frontend of modern web applications. Basic skills acquired will be HTML, CSS and javascript. Moreover, specific libraries framework (e.g. Bootstrap, Materialize CSS, JQuery, AngularJS) will be presented with the focus being on building sample applications from scratch. Finally, static and dynamic site generators for the quick and easy generation of simple sites will be presented.

Through this course the next key knowledge will be built:

·       Programming static sites with HTML. Learning step by step to program a static web page from scratch with all the HTML elements enabled. A test and try learning methodology will be used so as the learner to actively participate and gain the necessary knowledge.

·       CSS. Using CSS to force HTML formatting and styling. Why CSS? And what are the benefits. Useful examples and sample code in a simple test and try environment will be provided and the learner will have an initial and basic knowledge of CSS.

·       Libraries Frameworks. Presenting the key features of the most common Libraries Frameworks. These frameworks tend to be used for quick and efficient web frontend application development:

       1.     Bootstrap 4

       2.     Materialize CSS

       3.     Flexbox CSS

       4.     Javascript

       5.     JQuery

       6.     AngularJS

·       Site generators (static and dynamic). Using online tools to produce quickly static and dynamic web pages and portals. Gaining useful knowledge so as to create your own web site quickly and efficiently.

      1.     Jekyll or lektor or pelican

      2.     Wordpress and Joomla