Balkan-Mediterranean Centre for Entrepreneurship and innovation 


Energy & Enviroment (EE)

Information & Communication
Technologies for Small-Medium
Enterprises (ICT4SMES)

Tourism & Cultural Heritage

Agribusiness (AGRI)

Innovative Ideas & start-ups

Lifelong Training to Existing Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurial learning & skills and up-to-date knowledge


philosophy of the project

The philosophy of the project & the nature of the activities is to implement open access and wide European cooperation, as all partners involved will exchange experiences, knowledge, expertise, trends, will discuss & address common issues, thus increasing understanding & open-mindedness. This project aims to create a unified Territory of knowledge from North Albania and FYROM to Cyprus and from Ionian Sea and Aegean Sea to Danube, where there will delivered open to all virtual based tools and novel approach for learning and vocational training of any interested entrepreneurs, technology and knowledge transfer that will set-up the Web School. Beyond the joint training, it is expected that through the E-tutoring and peer mentoring consultations actions for start-ups young entrepreneurs will create their own new businesses by the end of the project. All the tools will be available free to all European citizens.

General Output

BalkanMed INNOVA will identify the territorial specific training needs related to entrepreneurship linked to the 4 sectors of interest. By understanding and articulating the training needs of any SMEs/ practitioners and individuals so that to efficiently develop of the “tailor-made” training modules that will directly address those needs. It will use a special methodology to reach all the possible target groups & stakeholders, and motivate all possible beneficiaries. There will be introduced special training schemes, procedures and tools for 4 specific areas ICT for SMEs, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Energy and Environment, Agribusiness and a 5th horizontal the cross-sectorial course Entrepreneurial Culture & business ethics. 
There will be also organized an intensive training course TRANSNATIONAL TRAINING THE TRAINERS Day(s) that will give the skills and knowledge to the experts for presenting to business audiences their research and knowledge.( This training course will be on “communicating science & knowledge to business”).

Latest News

4Th PSC Meeting at Tirana

The fourth meeting of the Project Steering Committee (PSC) of the BalkanMed INNOVA project was held on 07 and 08 November 2019 at the Prestige Hotel in Tirana, Albania. The...

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2nd BalkanMed INNOVA Newsletter


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The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT…

The Cyprus University of Technology (CUT) organized on the 26th of April the Launching event of the BalkanMed INNOVA project. The Project took place at University council room and was...

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