Balkan-Mediterranean Centre for Entrepreneurship and innovation 



General Output

BalkanMed INNOVA will identify the territorial specific training needs related to entrepreneurship linked to the 4 sectors of interest. By understanding and articulating the training needs of any SMEs/ practitioners and individuals so that to efficiently develop of the “tailor-made” training modules that will directly address those needs. It will use a special methodology to reach all the possible target groups & stakeholders, and motivate all possible beneficiaries. There will be introduced special training schemes, procedures and tools for 4 specific areas ICT for SMEs, Cultural Heritage and Tourism, Energy and Environment, Agribusiness and a 5th horizontal the cross-sectorial course Entrepreneurial Culture & business ethics. 
There will be also organized an intensive training course TRANSNATIONAL TRAINING THE TRAINERS Day(s) that will give the skills and knowledge to the experts for presenting to business audiences their research and knowledge.( This training course will be on “communicating science & knowledge to business”).


Expected results

BalkanMed INNOVA focuses to build and provide new skills and advanced capabilities to SMES for 4 specific sectors. Any staff member of any SMEs & any interested potential entrepreneurs will acquire the state-of the art on relevant knowledge, so that to increase their competitiveness. There will be created new linkages among any interested vocational training, educational & research institutes and any business at the broaden area of Balkan MED and to the 4 most essential sectors. BalkanMed INNOVA will develop an open to all virtual, cloud based mechanism, the BalkanMed Innova Web-School, which will ensure exchange and transfer of knowledge among the participating territories.
An open to all, transitional training procedure, (by open e-Courses) will improve skills and will bridge the gap between any academic education, vocational training & practical entrepreneurial learning, as well as between academic education and labour market.

In addition to this, by promoting entrepreneurial culture and encouragement any young graduates will be able to participate and set-up their own start-up so that to reduce the brain drain phenomena. It is mentioned the peer mentoring and e-tutoring for start-ups and the tangible results of at least 10 granted new start-ups produced within this project.
BalkanMED Innova partnership ensures the establishment of a partnership among any education/ training centres/ vocational centres and business in the 5 countries. It will contribute to transnational exchange of knowledge, improve the competiveness of any interested SMEs and link research and innovation with the business sector at transnational level.

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