Balkan-Mediterranean Centre for Entrepreneurship and innovation 



In order to achieve its objectives, the BalkanMed INNOVA project activities are divided into 5 Work Packages

WP1- Project Management & Coordination
The activities of "project management and coordination" cover all the activities of technical and administrative management, necessary for a smooth execution of the project activities within the time specified. It is a very important WP which encourages the participation of all Beneficiaries in full respect of transparency and efficiency, this in order to ensure the achievement of all expected results.  


WP2- Project Communication & Dissemination
In accordance with European laws, the activities included in this WP are aimed at improving the awareness of local communities and of the reference target about the benefits of BalkanMed INNOVA project (external communication) and ensure efficient flow of information between the Beneficiaries (internal communication).
The actions include: drawing up a Communication Plan, Project Visual Identity, Project Website & Social Networks, I&P Office & Materials, Conferences & Events, various communication tools (brochures, gadgets, newsletters, etc.).

 The other Work Packages have technical characteristics as follows: 

WP3- Linking Learning and business    

The WP3 comprises “mother activities” that will encourage the cooperation, exchange and networking between educational/training institutions, enterprises/SMEs/practitioners and stakeholders in general, being target groups towards introducing entrepreneurial culture in the involved territorial contexts and identifying the specific training/learning needs to be addressed by the activities foreseen within the WP4                                 


WP4- BalkanMed INNOVA School in operation 
WP4 includes a Lifelong learning, an online (open access) training platform with learning content aiming at improving skills and bridging the gap between academic education and practical entrepreneurial learning, as well as between academic education and labour market by presenting the state of the art in each sector. It also includes the open access virtual Classrooms for entrepreneurs & SMEs to provide Transnational knowledge transfer for an entrepreneur and SME achieving mutual understanding; exchange of good practices and training on case studies. 

WP5- Innovative Ideas & start-ups
“Innovative Ideas & Start-ups” will support any one of the trainees-beneficiaries of WP4 who have mature business ideas to develop them so as to become viable Business Plans and the best ones will be granted so as to proceed as start-ups.

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