Balkan-Mediterranean Centre for Entrepreneurship and innovation 


RASP- Rural Association Support Programme


Contact person:
Petrit Dobi


Description: The Rural Association Support Programme is established as a specialized non-profit organization in 1997.The mission of RASP is to stimulate opportunities for rural people to improve their livelihoods and reduce poverty, by making best use of natural, cultural and human resources to achieve sustainable development.During its 20 years of experience RASP has contributed in several sectors of rural development by:

  • Helping to form and strengthen voluntary associations and other forms of civil society organization, which can represent and serve rural people, Increasing capacities of rural groups, youth, women and groups in need by various means of training, demonstration, legal support etc. RASP carries out “Taylor made” trainings to increase capacities in the field of agriculture, farming, agro processing, advocacy in civil society, technologies of information and tools of electronic communication.
  • Assistance to farmers and farmers’ groups in rural areas for the development and modernization of their business through the introduction of new technologies in production and communication. 
  • Playing an active role in the preservation of natural resources, biodiversity of plants and animals, and researching methods for their sustainable use. Adding value to locally-available materials and products and facilitating access to markets.
  • Developing strategies and development plans mainly in the field of rural development, agriculture, environment, tourism and agro tourism etc. Identification and promotion of traditional resources for the tourism development in the country.

The role of RASP Foundation in the BalkanMed INNOVA project: Project Partner

RASP will be responsible for WP4 Balkan Med INNOVA School in operation and all deliverables of this WP, working in close cooperation with KEKAPEL SA, which is co-responsible and TEIEP, technical responsible.

RASP will also deliver on responsibilities assigned in each of the following WPs:  

Responsibilities assigned RASP (WP):

WP 1  Project Management & Coordination
WP 2 Project Communication & Dissemination
WP 3 Linking Learning and business
WP 4 BalkanMed INNOVA School in operation
WP 5 Innovative Ideas & start-ups

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